Ao Smith Geyser

Ao Smith Geyser; Buy Electric Storage & Instant Geyser Water Heater

Ao Smith is a well-known brand in the water heating industry, and their geysers are highly popular among consumers for their efficiency and durability. They offer a wide range of geysers in different capacities and sizes to suit the needs of different households.


Ao Smith geysers come with a number of features that make them a great choice for both residential and commercial use.
They have a high-quality inner tank that is made of stainless steel, which ensures that the water stays hot for a longer period of time.
The outer body is also made of stainless steel, which makes the geyser resistant to corrosion and rust.
Ao Smith geysers also come with a number of safety features such as a thermal cut-off switch, a pressure release valve, and an automatic shut-off feature that helps prevent accidents.
Some models also come with a digital display that allows you to easily monitor the temperature of the water.
Ao Smith geysers also have a high energy efficiency rating, which means that they use less electricity and help save on energy costs.
Price Range:
Ao Smith geysers are available in a wide range of price ranges, starting from around INR 6,000 and going up to INR 20,000 or more. The price depends on the capacity of the geyser and the features it offers.

Some popular models of Ao Smith geysers include the Ao Smith HSE-VAS-X-025, the Ao Smith HSE-VAS-X-035, the Ao Smith HSE-VAS-X-045, and the Ao Smith HSE-VAS-X-065. Each of these models is available in different capacities and comes with a variety of features to suit different needs.

In conclusion, Ao Smith geysers are a reliable and efficient choice for water heating. With their high-quality construction and advanced features, they are sure to provide you with hot water on demand, while also helping you save on energy costs.

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