Gilma Calido 60 Cm Chimney With Airflow 1100 M3h Touch Bubbon Control Auto Clean Silver Large 14402

Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney: Enhance Your Kitchen with Style and Efficiency


The kitchen is the heart of every home, and keeping it clean and free from odors is essential for a pleasant cooking experience. A high-quality chimney can make a significant difference in maintaining a clean and fresh kitchen environment. The Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney is a perfect combination of style and functionality, designed to provide efficient smoke and odor extraction while adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen. In this detailed article, we will explore the features, benefits, and advantages of the Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney and how it can enhance your cooking space.

Sleek Design and Durable Build

The Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney features a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly blends with any kitchen decor. Its silver color and smooth finish give it a modern and sophisticated look. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this chimney is built to last. The durable materials used in its construction ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

Efficient Smoke and Odor Extraction

One of the primary functions of a kitchen chimney is to extract smoke, grease, and odor generated during cooking. The Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney excels in this aspect with its powerful airflow of 1100 m3/h. This high suction capacity effectively captures and eliminates smoke, fumes, and unpleasant odors, leaving your kitchen fresh and clean. Whether you’re frying, grilling, or cooking aromatic dishes, this chimney ensures that the air in your kitchen remains free from pollutants.

Touch Bubbon Control for Convenient Operation

Operating the Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney is a breeze, thanks to its touch bubbon control panel. The touch-sensitive buttons allow you to effortlessly control the chimney’s functions with a simple touch. You can easily adjust the fan speed, activate the auto-clean feature, and control the lighting. This intuitive control panel enhances your overall cooking experience by providing quick and convenient access to essential settings.

Auto Clean Technology for Hassle-free Maintenance

Cleaning a chimney can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, with the Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney’s auto-clean feature, maintenance becomes hassle-free. The chimney is equipped with advanced technology that automatically cleans the internal filters, removing grease and oil particles. This ensures that the chimney operates at its optimal efficiency and prolongs the lifespan of the filters. With the auto-clean function, you can enjoy a clean and efficient chimney without the need for frequent manual cleaning.

Effective Lighting for Enhanced Visibility

A well-lit cooking area is essential for safe and efficient food preparation. The Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney comes with effective lighting that illuminates your cooktop area, providing clear visibility while you cook. The bright LED lights installed in the chimney ensure that you can accurately monitor your cooking process and make adjustments as needed. Say goodbye to dimly lit countertops and enjoy a well-illuminated cooking space.

User-Friendly Features and Controls

The Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney is designed with the user in mind, incorporating several features that enhance convenience and usability. The chimney includes a handy oil collector that traps excess oil and grease, preventing them from accumulating in the filters. This collector can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring efficient functioning of the chimney. Additionally, the chimney offers different fan speed settings, allowing you to adjust the suction power based on your cooking requirements. Whether you’re stir-frying on high heat or simmering a delicate sauce, you can choose the appropriate fan speed for optimal performance.

Silent Operation for a Peaceful Cooking Environment

Cooking can be a noisy affair, but that doesn’t mean your chimney should contribute to the noise pollution in your kitchen. The Gil

ma Calido 60 cm Chimney is designed to operate silently, allowing you to cook in a peaceful environment. Its advanced motor and noise reduction technology ensure minimal noise output, so you can enjoy a quiet and serene cooking experience.


The Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney is a remarkable addition to any kitchen, offering both style and functionality. Its sleek design, durable build, and efficient performance make it a reliable choice for smoke and odor extraction. With features like touch bubbon control, auto-clean technology, effective lighting, and user-friendly controls, this chimney enhances your cooking experience and simplifies maintenance. Say goodbye to smoke-filled kitchens and unpleasant odors and embrace a fresh, clean, and enjoyable cooking environment with the Gilma Calido 60 cm Chimney. Invest in this high-quality appliance and elevate your kitchen to new heights of style and efficiency.

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