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Havells Sandwich Maker

Havells Sandwich Maker: Elevating Sandwich Making Experience


Sandwiches are a popular and versatile food choice enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether it’s a quick breakfast, a tasty lunch, or a snack on the go, sandwiches offer convenience and a variety of flavors. Havells, a leading brand in the field of electric home appliances in India, brings a range of sandwich makers that combine innovation, efficiency, and convenience. In this detailed article, we will explore the features and benefits of Havells sandwich makers, including their product range, advanced technologies, and user-friendly designs.

Havells: Enhancing Kitchen Appliances:
Havells India Ltd has established itself as a trusted brand in the electric home appliance industry. With a commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, Havells offers a wide array of kitchen appliances to simplify cooking tasks. From electric cookers to sandwich makers, Havells provides innovative solutions for modern kitchens.

Product Range: Options for Every Need:
Havells sandwich makers are available in a diverse range to cater to different needs and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at some of their popular models:

2.1 Toastino 4 Slice Grill & BBQ with Timer:

Versatile Functionality: This sandwich maker doubles as a grill and BBQ, allowing you to prepare a variety of delicious dishes.
Extra Oil Collector Tray: The unique design feature collects excess oil, ensuring healthier sandwiches and easy cleaning.
2.2 Big Fill Multigrill 900 W:

Interchangeable Plates: With three interchangeable plates for pocket sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, and regular sandwiches, this model offers versatility in sandwich making.
High Power: The 900 W power ensures quick heating and efficient cooking.
2.3 Big Fill 2 Slice:

Enhanced Capacity: Deeper grooves in the plates increase the sandwich capacity, allowing you to create bigger and more filling sandwiches.
Cool Touch Handle: The hinged lock and cool-touch handle provide safety during operation, preventing accidental burns.
Innovative Features: Making Sandwich Making Effortless:
Havells sandwich makers come with a range of features designed to enhance the sandwich-making experience. These include:

3.1 Food-Grade Non-Stick Coating:

The sandwich plates are coated with a food-grade non-stick material, ensuring that your sandwiches don’t stick and making the cleaning process easier.
Non-stick coating also reduces the need for excessive oil or butter, promoting healthier cooking.
3.2 Hinged Lock and Cool Touch Handle:

The hinged lock secures the sandwich maker during cooking, preventing any spillage or accidents.
The cool-touch handle remains cool to the touch, even during operation, providing safe and comfortable handling.
Toastino 4 Slice Grill & BBQ: Multi-Functional Delight:
The Toastino 4 Slice Grill & BBQ sandwich maker stands out as a versatile appliance in the Havells range. With its 180-degree opening, it allows for grilling and BBQ-ing various food items, such as vegetables, meat, and paneer. The spacious cooking surface accommodates four sandwiches, making it suitable for larger families or gatherings. The integrated timer ensures precise cooking, eliminating the guesswork.

Convenience and Style: A Perfect Combination:
Havells sandwich makers not only offer convenience but also add a touch of style to your kitchen. With options available in different colors and finishes, you can choose a sandwich maker that complements your kitchen decor. Havells understands the importance of aesthetics, and their sandwich makers blend seamlessly into modern kitchen designs.


Havells sandwich makers are designed to make sandwich preparation quick, convenient, and enjoyable. With features such as non-stick coating, hinged locks, and cool-touch handles, Havells ensures a safe and hassle-free cooking experience. The wide range of models, including the versatile Toastino 4 Slice Grill & BBQ, caters to diverse needs and preferences. Havells’ commitment to innovation and quality makes their sandwich makers a reliable choice for every sandwich lover. Elevate your sandwich-making experience with Havells sandwich makers and indulge in tasty, crispy sandwiches with ease.

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