Knl Healthy Drops Knl Nf60 Ar Nf Nanofiltration Water Purifier With Alkaline Regulator Used For Input Tds 350 Ppm To 650 Ppm 13 Ltrs Detachable Tank Safer Than Uv Uf Tds Adjuster System

KNL Healthy Drops KNL NF60-AR-NF Nanofiltration Water Purifier: A Safer and Healthier Water Purification Solution


The KNL Healthy Drops KNL NF60-AR-NF Nanofiltration Water Purifier is an advanced water purification system that ensures safe, clean, and healthy drinking water for you and your family. With its cutting-edge nanofiltration technology and alkaline regulator, this water purifier not only removes harmful contaminants but also enhances the water’s alkalinity for improved taste and health benefits. In this detailed article, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of the KNL Healthy Drops KNL NF60-AR-NF Nanofiltration Water Purifier, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

Nanofiltration Technology:
The KNL NF60-AR-NF Water Purifier utilizes nanofiltration (NF) technology, which is an advanced water filtration process that removes a wide range of contaminants from the water. Unlike conventional filters that only remove larger particles, the NF membrane in this purifier has smaller pore sizes, allowing it to effectively eliminate harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, and sediments. The result is water that is significantly cleaner, purer, and safer to drink.

Alkaline Regulator:
In addition to its exceptional filtration capabilities, the KNL NF60-AR-NF Water Purifier is equipped with an alkaline regulator. This feature allows you to adjust the pH level of the purified water, making it more alkaline. Alkaline water has gained popularity due to its potential health benefits, including better hydration, improved digestion, enhanced detoxification, and increased antioxidant properties. With the alkaline regulator, you can customize the pH level of the water according to your preference and health needs.

Wide Input TDS Range:
The KNL Healthy Drops KNL NF60-AR-NF Water Purifier is designed to handle a wide range of input Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels. It can effectively purify water with an input TDS ranging from 350 ppm to 650 ppm. This makes it suitable for use in areas where the water source has varying levels of mineral content. The purifier adjusts its filtration process to ensure consistent water quality regardless of the input TDS level, providing you with safe and clean drinking water at all times.

Detachable Tank:
This water purifier features a detachable storage tank with a capacity of 13 liters. The detachable tank allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that the water remains fresh and free from contaminants. The spacious tank provides an ample supply of purified water, making it convenient for large households or offices where water consumption is high. The transparent design of the tank allows you to monitor the water level and refill it when needed.

Safer than UV and UF Systems:
The KNL NF60-AR-NF Water Purifier is a safer alternative to ultraviolet (UV) and ultrafiltration (UF) systems. While UV and UF technologies are effective in removing microorganisms, they do not eliminate dissolved solids or adjust the pH level of the water. The nanofiltration technology used in this purifier offers a comprehensive solution by removing contaminants, improving taste, and providing alkaline water. This makes it a superior choice for those seeking a more advanced and holistic water purification system.

TDS Adjuster System:
The KNL NF60-AR-NF Water Purifier features a TDS adjuster system, allowing you to fine-tune the taste and mineral content of the purified water. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer a specific TDS range in their drinking water. By adjusting the TDS level, you can customize the water’s taste to your liking, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable drinking experience.

Ease of Installation and Use:
Installing and using the KNL NF60-AR-NF Water Purifier is a hassle-free process. The purifier comes with a complete installation kit and user manual, providing step-by-step instructions for setup. The intuitive control panel and user-friendly interface make operating the purifier effortless. The system also includes indicators for filter replacement, ensuring that you are always aware of the filter’s lifespan and can replace it in a timely manner.

The KNL Healthy Drops KNL NF60-AR-NF Water Purifier is suitable for various applications, including residential households, offices, schools, and small businesses. It provides a constant supply of safe and healthy drinking water for daily consumption, cooking, and other uses. The purifier’s high filtration capacity, versatile input TDS range, and alkaline regulator make it an ideal choice for individuals who value the quality and health benefits of their drinking water.


The KNL Healthy Drops KNL NF60-AR-NF Nanofiltration Water Purifier is a reliable and advanced solution for purifying and enhancing the quality of your drinking water. With its nanofiltration technology, alkaline regulator, wide input TDS range, and detachable tank, it offers exceptional filtration performance, customizable alkalinity, and convenience. The purifier’s superior capabilities, coupled with its ease of installation and use, make it a top choice for those seeking safe, clean, and healthy drinking water. Invest in the KNL Healthy Drops KNL NF60-AR-NF Nanofiltration Water Purifier and enjoy the benefits of purified water with enhanced taste and health properties.

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