Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit Of Acrylic Paint Set Sunflower Kit Glass Colours 3d Outliners Pearl Metallic Colours And Fine Art Canvas With Brush Gift For Artists Hobby Kit

Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit: Unleash Your Creativity with a Variety of Artistic Mediums


The Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit is an all-in-one package designed for artists and hobbyists who want to explore their creativity and create stunning artworks. This kit includes a range of acrylic paints, glass colors, 3D outliners, pearl metallic colors, fine art canvas, and brushes, making it a perfect gift for artists or anyone interested in pursuing art as a hobby. With its diverse collection of artistic mediums, the kit offers endless possibilities for artistic expression and allows individuals to unleash their imagination during festive seasons or any creative endeavor.

The Pidilite Fevicryl Brand
Pidilite Fevicryl is a well-established brand in the art and craft industry, known for its high-quality products and innovative solutions. With years of experience and expertise, Pidilite Fevicryl has become synonymous with creativity and artistic excellence. The brand is trusted by artists, hobbyists, and art enthusiasts worldwide for its commitment to providing top-notch materials that cater to various artistic needs.

Acrylic Paint Set: Vibrant Colors for Versatile Creations
The Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit includes an acrylic paint set with a wide range of vibrant colors. Acrylic paints are known for their versatility and ability to create bold, expressive artworks. The kit provides artists with a diverse color palette to bring their imaginations to life on various surfaces, including canvas, wood, and paper. Whether it’s creating intricate details or blending colors to achieve captivating gradients, the acrylic paint set in the combo kit offers endless possibilities for artists to explore.

Glass Colours: Adding a Touch of Brilliance to Artworks
Glass colors included in the combo kit are ideal for artists interested in glass painting or creating stunning stained glass effects. These colors are specially formulated to adhere to glass surfaces and provide a vibrant and translucent finish. Artists can use them to add a touch of brilliance to glassware, windows, or any other glass surface. The glass colors in the kit allow artists to experiment with various techniques such as outlining, shading, and blending, resulting in mesmerizing and visually appealing creations.

3D Outliners: Adding Depth and Dimension
The Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit also features 3D outliners, which are perfect for adding depth and dimension to artworks. These outliners come in a variety of colors and have a raised texture when dried, allowing artists to create stunning three-dimensional effects. Artists can use them to outline shapes, create intricate patterns, or add textured details to their artworks. The 3D outliners provide a unique visual element that enhances the overall composition and adds a tactile experience to the artwork.

Pearl Metallic Colors: Adding Elegance and Luster
The combo kit includes pearl metallic colors, which add a touch of elegance and luster to artworks. These colors have a pearlescent finish that gives artworks a shimmering effect, making them stand out. Artists can use the pearl metallic colors to create highlights, accents, or special effects in their paintings or crafts. Whether it’s adding a metallic sheen to a flower petal or creating a captivating metallic background, the pearl metallic colors in the kit offer artists a wide range of creative possibilities.

Fine Art Canvas and Brushes: Tools for Expression
The Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit also includes fine art canvas and brushes, essential tools for artists to express their creativity. The canvas provides a sturdy and suitable surface for painting, allowing artists to showcase their artworks with pride. The brushes in the kit are designed for various painting techniques, such as broad strokes, fine details, or blending colors seamlessly. The combination of quality canvas and brushes ensures that artists have the necessary tools to create artworks that meet their artistic vision.

Gift for Artists and Hobbyists
The Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit makes an excellent gift for artists, art enthusiasts, or anyone interested in exploring their artistic side. The comprehensive collection of artistic mediums in the kit encourages individuals to experiment, learn new techniques, and unleash their creativity. Whether it’s a seasoned artist or a beginner, this kit provides the necessary materials to embark on a creative journey and produce beautiful artworks. It is an ideal gift for birthdays, festive occasions, or simply to inspire someone to delve into the world of art.


The Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit is a treasure trove for artists and hobbyists seeking to explore their creative potential. With its assortment of acrylic paints, glass colors, 3D outliners, pearl metallic colors, fine art canvas, and brushes, this kit offers a wide range of artistic mediums to experiment with. It provides the tools necessary to create stunning artworks, whether it’s painting on canvas, adding brilliance to glass surfaces, or adding depth and dimension with 3D outliners. As a gift, it is sure to ignite the artistic spark in individuals and inspire them to embark on a fulfilling artistic journey. The Pidilite Fevicryl Festive Combo Kit is a testament to the brand’s commitment to fostering creativity and enabling individuals to express themselves through art.

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