Popy Umbrella

Popy Umbrella: Exploring Features, Types, Models, Price Range, and Categories


When it comes to reliable and stylish umbrellas, Popy is a brand that offers a wide range of options to suit different preferences and needs. From compact and foldable designs to sturdy golf umbrellas, Popy has become synonymous with quality and durability. In this detailed article, we will explore the world of Popy umbrellas, focusing on their features, various types and models, price range, and categories. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant printed umbrella or a sleek and compact design, Popy has something for everyone.

  1. Features of Popy Umbrellas:

Popy umbrellas are known for their exceptional features that make them stand out in the market. Some of the notable features of Popy umbrellas include:

  • Durability: Popy umbrellas are crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring their longevity. They are designed to withstand daily use and resist wear and tear.
  • Water Resistance: Popy umbrellas feature water-repellent fabrics or coatings that keep you dry even during heavy downpours. This feature is especially important for providing reliable protection from rain.
  • UV Protection: Some Popy umbrellas come with UV-protective coatings or fabrics that block harmful ultraviolet rays. These umbrellas provide an additional layer of protection against the sun’s rays, making them suitable for both rainy and sunny weather.
  • Wind Resistance: Popy umbrellas are engineered to withstand strong winds. They often feature reinforced frames, wind vents, or double-canopy designs that allow wind to pass through without turning the umbrella inside out.
  • Compact and Portable: Popy offers a range of compact and portable umbrellas that are perfect for travel or everyday use. These umbrellas are lightweight, foldable, and come with storage pouches, making them easy to carry in handbags or backpacks.
  1. Types and Models of Popy Umbrellas:

Popy umbrellas are available in various types and models, catering to different needs and preferences. Here are some popular types and models of Popy umbrellas:

  • 3Fold Umbrellas: These umbrellas feature a three-fold design that allows for easy folding and compact storage. They are versatile and suitable for everyday use.
  • 5Fold Umbrellas: Popy’s 5Fold umbrellas are designed with five folding sections, providing even more compactness and portability. They are ideal for travelers or those who prefer minimalistic designs.
  • Popy Nano Umbrellas: Popy Nano umbrellas are known for their small size and lightweight construction. They are perfect for carrying in pockets or small bags, ensuring you’re always prepared for unexpected showers.
  • CS20 Umbrellas: CS20 umbrellas from Popy are specifically designed for adults, offering a balance between size and portability. They provide ample coverage while remaining easy to carry.
  • Kids Umbrellas: Popy also offers a range of umbrellas designed specifically for children. These umbrellas often feature fun and colorful designs that appeal to young ones.
  1. Price Range and Categories of Popy Umbrellas:

Popy umbrellas are available at different price points, depending on the type, model, and features offered. The price range of Popy umbrellas generally falls within the affordable to mid-range category, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

The categories of Popy umbrellas include:

  • 3Fold: These umbrellas feature a three-fold design and are suitable for everyday use.
  • 5Fold: Umbrellas with a five-fold design, offering enhanced compactness and portability.
  • Popy Nano: Nano umbrellas are small and lightweight, perfect for pocket-sized convenience.
  • CS20: Umbrellas designed specifically for adults, providing optimal coverage.
  • Kids: Umbrellas tailored to the needs and preferences of children, featuring playful and colorful designs.

It is worth noting that the prices may vary depending on the specific model and design. Popy umbrellas are available for purchase through authorized retailers and online platforms.

  1. Popy Umbrella Models and Prices:

Popy offers a wide range of umbrella models, each with its unique design and features. Here are some popular Popy umbrella models along with their respective prices:

  • 3Fold Binny Solid-border Print Umbrella with Silver Coating: ₹420.00
  • 3Fold Cherry™ – Check Print – U.V. Block Silver Coating: ₹430.00
  • 3Fold Cherry™ – Solid Colour – U.V Block Silver Coating – Collection1: ₹410.00
  • 3Fold Cherry™ – Solid Colour – U.V Block Silver Coating – Collection2: ₹410.00
  • 3Fold Cherry™ Black-Floral Print Umbrella with Silver Coating: ₹420.00
  • 3Fold Cherry™ Tile Print Umbrella with Silver Coating: ₹420.00
  • 3Fold Cosmic Print Umbrella: ₹500.00
  • 3Fold Jeans Print Umbrella – U.V Block Silver Coating: ₹420.00
  • 5Fold Nano™ Satin: ₹635.00
  • Bush Silver Color Series 1: ₹495.00
  • Bush Silver Color Series 2: ₹495.00
  • Cherry Silver Print Series 1: ₹420.00
  • Cherry™ Silver coated Umbrella Solid Colour Collection-3: ₹420.00
  • CS 20: ₹900.00
  • Nano Satin Print: ₹615.00
  • Nano Silver Solid Colour Collection-1: ₹610.00
  • Nano Silver Solid Colour Collection-2: ₹610.00
  • Popy Nano™ Check Weave Collection-1: ₹620.00
  • Popy Nano™ WildFlower Collection – 1: ₹620.00

Please note that the prices mentioned above are for reference purposes and may vary over time.


Popy umbrellas offer a wide range of features, types, models, and price points to cater to different needs and preferences. With their durable construction, water resistance, UV protection, and wind resistance, Popy umbrellas provide reliable protection from the rain while maintaining style and convenience.

Whether you prefer a compact 3Fold umbrella for everyday use, a 5Fold umbrella for enhanced portability, or a Nano umbrella for pocket-sized convenience, Popy has you covered. Their range of models and designs ensures that you can find the perfect umbrella to suit your style and requirements.

Consider exploring the various categories and models of Popy umbrellas to find the one that best suits your needs. Embrace the rainy season with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and stylish Popy umbrella by your side.

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