Sic parvis Magna
Sic parvis Magna
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Sic parvis Magna

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Author: de l'Isle, Royer Josehp

Sic parvis Magna, written by Royer Joseph de l'Isle, is an independently published book that takes readers on a thrilling adventure. The book is available in a paperback format and is an import edition. It has 326 pages and was released on August 24, 2019. The book has an EAN of 9781089840541 and measures 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.8 inches.

The title of the book, Sic parvis Magna, is a Latin phrase that translates to "greatness from small beginnings". This phrase serves as the motto of the main character in the book, Nathan Drake, who is a treasure hunter and adventurer. The book follows Nathan's journey as he travels the world in search of lost treasures and ancient artifacts.

The book is set in various locations around the world, including Egypt, Italy, and Greece. Each location is described in vivid detail, and readers will feel like they are right there alongside Nathan as he explores these exotic places. The book also features a range of interesting and well-developed characters, including Nathan's friends and enemies.

One of the key strengths of Sic parvis Magna is its fast-paced and engaging plot. The book is full of action, suspense, and unexpected twists and turns. Readers will be hooked from the very first page and will find it hard to put the book down. The book is also full of historical references and interesting trivia, which adds an extra layer of depth to the story.

Another strength of the book is its character development. The main character, Nathan Drake, is a complex and multi-dimensional character who is both brave and flawed. He is driven by a desire to find lost treasures and uncover hidden mysteries, but he also struggles with personal demons and has a complicated past. The supporting characters in the book are also well-developed and add depth and complexity to the story.

The writing style of Sic parvis Magna is another aspect of the book that stands out. Royer Joseph de l'Isle has a talent for crafting descriptive and engaging prose that brings the story to life. The book is well-written and easy to read, making it accessible to readers of all ages.

Overall, Sic parvis Magna is a must-read for fans of adventure and action novels. The book is full of exciting plot twists, interesting characters, and exotic locations. Royer Joseph de l'Isle has created a world that is both thrilling and immersive, and readers will be left wanting more. The book is an excellent example of independently published literature and showcases the talent and creativity of self-published authors. If you're looking for a book that will transport you to another world and keep you on the edge of your seat, then Sic parvis Magna is the book for you.

Brand: Independently Published

Binding: Paperback

Format: Import

Number Of Pages: 326

Release Date: 24-08-2019

EAN: 9781089840541

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.8 inches

Languages: English