Shumee Toys

Shumee Toys; Types, Features, Models and Price Range  
Shumee is a children’s toy and learning resources brand based in India that specializes in developing high-quality, eco-friendly toys that promote imaginative play and learning through play. Shumee toys are designed for children aged 0 to 8 and are made from sustainable materials, such as rubberwood and cotton, to ensure that they are safe and durable.

One popular type of Shumee toy is wooden toys. These toys are made from sustainably sourced rubberwood and are designed to be long-lasting and durable. Shumee wooden toys may include items such as shape sorters, puzzles, or blocks, and are designed to promote fine motor skills, problem-solving, and creativity.

Shumee also offers a range of educational toys, including items such as number and alphabet puzzles, flashcards, and activity books. These toys are designed to help children learn new concepts, such as counting, letter recognition, and basic math skills. Shumee educational toys are made from sustainable materials and are designed to be engaging and fun for children.

In addition to traditional toys, Shumee also offers a range of learning resources, such as activity books and educational kits. These resources are designed to provide children with additional learning opportunities and are often theme-based, such as science or art.

The price range for Shumee toys can vary depending on the type of toy, material, and size. Basic wooden toys or smaller educational toys may start at around $10, while larger playsets or toys with more intricate features may cost upwards of $50. In addition to the cost of the toy itself, the price may also be affected by the specific features and details, such as electronic functions or removable parts.

Shumee toys are a popular choice for parents and educators looking for high-quality, eco-friendly toys that promote imaginative play and learning through play. Whether you’re looking for a simple wooden toy or a more elaborate educational kit, there is a Shumee toy to suit your needs and budget. With their engaging features and sustainable design, Shumee toys are a great way to encourage children to learn and grow.

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