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AI Camera Fine: Everything About Traffic Fines in Kerala

With the aim of ensuring road safety and reducing accidents, the Government of India revised the penalties for traffic rule violations under the Motor Vehicle Act in September 2019. The implementation of these fines aimed to promote law and order and raise awareness among drivers. However, the Kerala government has made certain amendments to these fines, providing some relief to vehicle users. This article will provide a detailed overview of traffic fines in Kerala, including the revised penalties and important points to consider as a citizen.

  1. Background on Revised Traffic Fines:
    The Government of India introduced the revised penalties for traffic violations under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, with the objective of improving road safety. These fines were implemented from September 1, 2019, and aimed to encourage responsible driving behavior. The Kerala government recognized the need to balance safety and affordability for its citizens and decided to reduce certain fines.
  2. List of Traffic Fines in Kerala:
    This section will provide a comprehensive list of traffic fines in Kerala, highlighting the penalties for various violations. The fines covered will include driving without a helmet, triple riding on a two-wheeler, drunk driving, minor driving a vehicle, driving without a seatbelt, driving without insurance, violation of road regulations, driving without a valid driving license, carrying excess luggage, driving without a number plate, overspeeding, parking in no parking areas, disregarding traffic signals, dangerous/rash driving, using a mobile phone while driving, driving a vehicle without registration, carrying explosive/inflammable substances, not giving way to emergency vehicles, driving when mentally or physically unfit, racing, disqualified person driving a vehicle, driving a vehicle registered in another state for more than 12 months, failure to intimate change of address of vehicle owner, and overloading.
  3. Implementation of the New Traffic Fines in Kerala:
    This section will discuss the implementation of the revised traffic fines in Kerala. It will provide an overview of the number of cases registered and the revenue generated by the state government within the initial four months after the implementation.
  4. Reduction of Traffic Fines in Kerala:
    To alleviate the burden on daily commuters, the Kerala government decided to reduce certain fines implemented by the Indian government. However, some violations, such as drunk driving, still carry strict penalties. This section will outline the fines that have been reduced and those that remain unchanged in Kerala.
  5. Important Points for Citizens:
    As responsible citizens, it is crucial to understand and abide by traffic rules and regulations. This section will provide important points to consider while driving or riding a vehicle in Kerala. It will emphasize aspects such as adhering to speed limits, avoiding overloading, and ensuring the presence of necessary documents such as the vehicle’s registration certificate (RC) and driving license (DL). Additionally, it will stress the significance of respecting traffic authorities and following their instructions to prevent penalties.
  6. List of Traffic Fines in Kerala
    • Following is an illustration of the traffic fines as implemented under the Motor Vehicle Act
    • Violations Penalty
    • Driving Without Helmet ₹1000
    • Triple Riding on Two-wheeler ₹1000
    • Drunk Driving ₹10000
    • Minor Driving Vehicle ₹25000
    • Driving Without a Seatbelt ₹1000
    • Driving Without Insurance ₹2000
    • Driving Uninsured Vehicle ₹2000
    • Violation of Road Regulations ₹1000
    • Driving Without a Valid Driving Licence ₹5000
    • Carrying Excess Luggage For the first offence:₹500
    • For repeat offence: 1500
    • Driving Without a Number Plate For the first offence: ₹500
    • For repeat offence: ₹1500
    • Over-speeding For Light motor vehicle (LMV): ₹1000
    • For Medium passenger goods vehicle: ₹2000
    • Parking in No Parking Area For the first offence: ₹500
    • For repeat offence: ₹1500
    • Disregarding the Traffic Signals For first offence:₹5000
    • For repeat offence: ₹10000
    • Dangerous/Rash Driving For the first offence: ₹5000
    • For repeat offence: ₹10000
    • Using a Mobile Phone While Driving For the first offence: ₹5000
    • For repeat offence: ₹10000
    • Driving Vehicle Without Registration ₹2000
    • Carrying Explosive/Inflammable Substances ₹10000
    • Not Giving pass to Emergency Vehicles ₹10000
    • Driving When Mentally or Physically Unfit to Drive For the first offence: ₹1000
    • For repeat offence: ₹2000
    • Racing For the first offence: ₹5000
    • For repeat offence: ₹10000
    • Disqualified Person Driving a Vehicle ₹10000
    • Driving a Vehicle Registered in Another State for More than 12 Months For the first offence: ₹500
    • For repeat offence: ₹1500
    • Failure to Intimate Change of the Address of Vehicle Owner For the first offence: ₹500
    • For repeat offence: ₹1500
    • Overloading ₹2000

Traffic fines play a vital role in promoting road safety and maintaining law and order. Kerala, while considering the burden on its citizens, has made certain amendments to the traffic fines implemented by the Government of India. However, it is important for individuals to exercise responsible driving habits and adhere to traffic regulations to ensure the safety of themselves and others on the roads. By understanding and following the traffic rules, we can contribute to creating a safer and more organized traffic environment in Kerala.

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