Atomberg Renesa Vs Renesa Plus

Atomberg Renesa vs Renesa Plus: Exploring the Differences and Making the Right Choice


Atomberg, a renowned brand known for its energy-efficient ceiling fans with advanced technology and innovation, offers two popular series: Renesa and Renesa Plus. These fans have gained widespread popularity due to their exceptional performance and features. However, many buyers are confused about the differences between Atomberg Renesa and Renesa Plus. In this article, we will compare both fan series side-by-side, examining their features, design, and technology to help you make an informed decision.

Atomberg Renesa vs Renesa Plus: Key Differences

No. of Speed Settings: Both Renesa and Renesa Plus models come with six speed settings, allowing you to choose the desired airflow and customize your comfort.

Available Colours: Both series offer a wide range of seven colors, ensuring that you find a fan that matches your room’s aesthetics and d├ęcor.

Available Sweep Size: Both Renesa and Renesa Plus fans are available in four sweep sizes: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, and 1400mm. This enables you to select the appropriate size based on your room’s dimensions and cooling requirements.

Blade Material: Both fan series feature blades made of durable and lightweight aluminum, ensuring optimal airflow and longevity.

RPM (Revolutions Per Minute): The RPM of both Renesa and Renesa Plus models remains the same, ensuring consistent performance and airflow.

Air Delivery: The air delivery of both series is also identical, providing efficient and powerful cooling. The Renesa and Renesa Plus fans offer an air delivery of 235 CMM (cubic meters per minute) for the 1200mm sweep size.

Motor Winding: Both fan series utilize copper motor winding, which enhances the motor’s efficiency, durability, and performance.

Smart Remote: Both Renesa and Renesa Plus fans are equipped with a smart remote control that offers the same functions. The remote allows you to control the fan’s speed, set a timer, activate boost mode, and enjoy the convenience of a sleep mode.

Finish & Texture: Here lies the main difference between the two series. The Renesa fan features a sleek matte finish, giving it a modern and elegant look. On the other hand, the Renesa Plus fan comes with a metallic or wooden finish, complemented by an anti-dust coating, which adds a touch of sophistication and makes it resistant to dust accumulation.

Power Consumption: Both Renesa and Renesa Plus fans have the same power consumption. At speed 5, these fans consume only 28W, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced electricity bills.

Motor Type: Both series incorporate a BLDC (Brushless DC) motor, known for its energy efficiency, silent operation, and longer lifespan.

BEE Energy Rating: Both Renesa and Renesa Plus fans have a 5-star BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) energy rating, indicating their high energy efficiency and adherence to energy-saving standards.

Electricity Usage per Year: According to Atomberg, both fan series consume approximately 134 units of electricity per year, reinforcing their energy-saving capabilities.

Pricing: The Renesa series is relatively more affordable compared to the Renesa Plus series. However, the final pricing may vary, so it’s recommended to check the latest prices before making a purchase decision.

Unique Technologies of Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fans

Atomberg Renesa fans incorporate several unique technologies that set them apart from conventional ceiling fans. Here are some notable features:

Advanced BLDC Motor: Atomberg fans utilize a brushless direct current (BLDC) motor with the Atomsense algorithm. This advanced motor technology ensures higher energy efficiency, compatibility with inverters, and control via a remote.

Low Power Consumption: Renesa fans consume only 28W of power at speed 5 and 340 RPM, resulting in significant energy savings. Compared to traditional ceiling fans like the Orient Electric Ujala Plus, Atomberg fans offer substantial reductions in electricity consumption and can save up to Rs. 1500 per year.

Smart Remote Control: The Renesa fan’s smart remote control features three speed settings, including Timer, Boost, and Sleep Mode. The LED light on the remote not only indicates the speed but also serves as a light source.

Overall Design: Atomberg Renesa fans are praised for their elegant and modern design. With sleek aluminum blades, mesmerizing blue LED lights, and a wide range of colors, these fans enhance the aesthetics of any room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Atomberg fan is best?
Among Atomberg’s fan series, the Renesa models have gained significant popularity and positive ratings, making them a preferred choice for many buyers.

Who are Atomberg’s competitors?
Atomberg faces competition from brands like Superfan, Polycab, Orient, Ottomate, Crompton, Oceco, and Emflux, which manufacture BLDC fans and compete in the energy-efficient fan market in India.

Does Atomberg fan save electricity?
Yes, Atomberg fans are designed to consume only 28W of power, which is 65% less than ordinary ceiling fans. The brand claims that using their ceiling fans can save up to Rs. 1500 per year on electricity bills.

Which BLDC fans are best in India?
While many BLDC fan manufacturers claim to be the best, Atomberg BLDC fans are often regarded as the top choice based on research and customer feedback.

Is Atomberg a Chinese company?
No, Atomberg was founded by two IIT-Bombay graduates, Sibabrata Das and Manoj Meena. Their aim was to revolutionize the Indian home appliance market by adopting smart and innovative technologies.

Does an Atomberg fan need a regulator?
Atomberg fans do not necessarily require a regulator, as they are engineered with a BLDC motor and can be controlled using the provided remote. However, if desired, the fan can still be used with a regulator by bypassing it and keeping the fan at the maximum speed. Atomberg recommends not connecting the fan to a regulator for optimal performance and longevity.


While comparing Atomberg Renesa and Renesa Plus fans, it becomes evident that the main difference lies in their finishing and texture. Both fan series offer exceptional features, advanced technology, and energy efficiency. The choice between them ultimately depends on your budget and preference for the matte finish of the Renesa series or the metallic or wooden finish with anti-dust coating of the Renesa Plus series. Regardless of your choice, Atomberg Renesa fans stand out in terms of performance, energy efficiency, and innovative design, making them a popular and reliable choice for cooling solutions in India.

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