Gopro Mic Adapter

GoPro Mic Adapter: Enhancing Audio Quality for Your Action Camera


When it comes to capturing epic adventures and thrilling moments with your GoPro camera, high-quality audio is just as important as stunning visuals. While GoPro cameras offer built-in microphones, they may not always deliver the professional-level audio you desire. That’s where the GoPro Mic Adapter comes in. In this article, we will delve into the details of the GoPro Mic Adapter, its features, compatibility, and the advantages it brings to your filming experience. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an adventure enthusiast, this accessory can significantly enhance the audio quality of your GoPro footage.

Understanding the GoPro Mic Adapter

The GoPro Mic Adapter, also known as the Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter, is a compact accessory that allows you to connect an external, professional-level microphone to your GoPro camera. It provides a 3.5mm (0.35 cm) audio input port, enabling you to connect a wide range of microphones to capture high-quality audio directly into your GoPro.

Features and Benefits

  1. Improved Audio Quality: By utilizing an external microphone, the GoPro Mic Adapter enables you to capture audio with greater clarity, depth, and richness. This is especially crucial in environments with high ambient noise or challenging acoustic conditions.
  2. Versatility: The Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter is compatible with various GoPro camera models, including the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. This compatibility allows users to enhance audio quality across different GoPro camera generations.
  3. Professional-Level Microphones: With the GoPro Mic Adapter, you can connect a wide range of professional-level microphones to your GoPro camera. This includes lavalier microphones, shotgun microphones, and other high-quality audio recording devices. The ability to use external microphones opens up new possibilities for capturing studio-quality sound in your action-packed footage.
  4. Easy Connectivity: The GoPro Mic Adapter features a USB Type-C connector on one end, which plugs into the USB port of your compatible GoPro camera. On the other end, it provides a 3.5mm audio input, allowing you to connect your desired microphone. The adapter ensures a secure and reliable connection between your camera and the microphone.
  5. Compact and Lightweight: Designed with portability in mind, the GoPro Mic Adapter is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry with your camera gear. Its small form factor allows for seamless integration with your existing setup, ensuring minimal additional weight or bulk.
  6. Durable Construction: GoPro is known for producing robust and durable accessories, and the Mic Adapter is no exception. Built to withstand the demands of action-packed filming, this adapter is designed to handle rugged environments, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions.


The GoPro Mic Adapter is primarily compatible with the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session cameras. It connects directly to the USB Type-C port of these camera models, providing a straightforward and hassle-free audio input solution. It’s important to note that the Mic Adapter may not be compatible with other GoPro camera models that do not feature a USB Type-C port.

Usage Tips and Techniques

To make the most of your GoPro Mic Adapter, consider the following tips and techniques:

  1. Microphone Selection: Choose a microphone that best suits your recording needs. Consider factors such as the environment you’ll be filming in, the type of audio you want to capture, and the microphone’s compatibility with the GoPro Mic Adapter.
  2. Audio Settings: Familiarize yourself with the audio settings on your GoPro camera. Adjust the input level and other audio parameters to optimize the audio quality for different recording scenarios.
  3. Mounting and Positioning: Experiment with different microphone placements to achieve the desired audio capture. Mount the microphone on your person, on a boom pole, or use a shotgun microphone for directional sound capture.
  4. Test and Monitor: Before embarking on your adventure, conduct audio tests to ensure that the microphone is functioning properly and that the audio levels are balanced. Use headphones or monitoring equipment to monitor the audio in real-time.


The GoPro Mic Adapter is a valuable accessory for GoPro camera users seeking professional-level audio quality. By connecting an external microphone to your GoPro camera, you can capture crystal-clear audio that complements your stunning visuals. The adapter’s compatibility, ease of use, and portability make it an essential tool for filmmakers, vloggers, and adventure enthusiasts. With the GoPro Mic Adapter, you can elevate your storytelling and immerse your audience in the sights and sounds of your thrilling experiences. So, gear up, connect your preferred microphone, and get ready to capture audio that truly enhances your GoPro footage.

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