Havells Extenso Food Processor

Havells Extenso Food Processor: Unleashing the Power and Versatility


In the modern kitchen, a high-performance and versatile food processor is an essential tool for any home cook or professional chef. The Havells Extenso Food Processor, with its powerful 800-watt motor and a wide range of accessories, aims to simplify your food preparation tasks. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Havells Extenso Food Processor, exploring its features, performance, and overall value.

Design and Build Quality
The Havells Extenso Food Processor boasts an attractive and ergonomic design that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Its sleek and sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity. The appliance is available in a stylish black color that complements various kitchen aesthetics. The compact design and thoughtful placement of controls and accessories make it user-friendly and easy to operate.

Motor Power and Performance
At the heart of the Havells Extenso Food Processor lies a robust 800-watt motor, which offers impressive power for efficient food processing. This powerful motor ensures quick and effortless chopping, slicing, shredding, cutting, and chopping of various ingredients. It can handle tough and hard ingredients with ease, reducing your preparation time significantly.

Versatility and Accessories
The Havells Extenso Food Processor shines when it comes to versatility. It comes with a wide range of accessories, including stainless steel blades, slicing and shredding discs, a citrus juicer, a kneading blade, and a chopper. These accessories enable you to perform multiple tasks, such as chopping vegetables, shredding cheese, kneading dough, and extracting fresh juice. The variety of accessories caters to different culinary needs, allowing you to experiment and create various dishes with ease.

Control Panel and Ease of Use
The control panel of the Havells Extenso Food Processor is intuitively designed, providing easy access to various functions and speeds. The appliance offers multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust the processing speed according to the ingredients and desired results. The pulse function is particularly useful for precise chopping or blending. The large feeding tube eliminates the need for pre-cutting, saving time and effort during food preparation.

Safety Features
Safety is a top priority when working with any kitchen appliance. The Havells Extenso Food Processor incorporates several safety features to ensure worry-free operation. The appliance has a sturdy locking mechanism that prevents accidental spillage or mishaps during operation. It also has non-slip feet that provide stability and prevent the processor from moving during use. These safety features offer peace of mind, especially when working with sharp blades and powerful motors.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The Havells Extenso Food Processor is designed with easy cleaning and maintenance in mind. Most of the detachable parts are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze. The removable parts can be easily disassembled and reassembled, allowing for thorough cleaning after each use. The compact design ensures that the appliance takes up minimal counter space and is easy to store when not in use.

Customer Reviews and Ratings
To gain a holistic understanding of the Havells Extenso Food Processor, it’s essential to consider customer reviews and ratings. Evaluating feedback from those who have used the appliance can provide insights into its performance, reliability, and overall user experience. It is recommended to browse through reputable online marketplaces, such as Amazon, to read customer reviews and ratings for the Havells Extenso Food Processor.


The Havells Extenso Food Processor is a powerful and versatile kitchen appliance that caters to a wide range of food preparation needs. With its sturdy construction, powerful motor, and an array of accessories, it simplifies chopping, slicing, shredding, and blending tasks. The user-friendly design, safety features, and ease of cleaning make it an excellent choice for both home cooks and professional chefs.

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