Pathani; Types, Features, Models, Brands, and Price Range  
Pathani is a type of traditional dress worn by men in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It consists of a long tunic or shirt that is worn over loose pants or trousers. The tunic is typically made from a lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen, and it is usually worn unbuttoned with the collar open. The pants or trousers are usually made from the same fabric as the tunic and are worn loose and baggy.

There are several types of Pathani suits available, including:

Single-colored Pathani suits: These suits are made from a single color of fabric and are a more classic and traditional option.

Dual-colored Pathani suits: These suits are made from two colors of fabric and are characterized by a distinct border and collar. They are a more modern and contemporary option.

Pathani suits with embroidery: These suits are adorned with intricate embroidery and are a more formal and luxurious option.

There are many different brands and models of Pathani suits available, and prices can range from a few thousand rupees for basic designs to several lakh rupees or more for high-end or designer brands. Some popular brands of Pathani suits include Rangoli, Shatika, and Chhabra 555.

Overall, Pathani suits are a traditional and stylish choice for men in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are made from lightweight fabrics and are typically worn unbuttoned with the collar open, making them a comfortable and practical option for daily wear.

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