Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22

Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22: Compact and Powerful Personal Cooler for Enhanced Comfort


The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 is a personal cooler designed to provide efficient and effective cooling for smaller spaces. With its compact size and powerful air throw, this cooler is ideal for bedrooms, study rooms, or small offices. In this detailed article, we will explore the features, specifications, and benefits of the Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22, highlighting its cooling performance, convenience, and overall value.

I. Compact Design for Versatile Placement

The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 is designed with a compact and freestanding structure, allowing for versatile placement options. Its small footprint makes it easy to position the cooler in any desired location without occupying too much space. Whether you need to place it on a table, desk, or floor, the Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 can fit seamlessly into your living or working environment.

II. Powerful Air Throw

Despite its compact size, the Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 is equipped with a powerful motor that enables a strong air throw of up to 6 meters. This ensures efficient air circulation in all corners of the room, providing a cool and comfortable environment. The powerful air throw of the cooler helps to quickly lower the ambient temperature, making it an excellent choice for hot summer days.

III. High Tank Capacity

The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 comes with a generous 22-liter tank capacity, allowing for extended hours of continuous cooling without the need for frequent refills. This high tank capacity ensures that you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling for a longer duration. You can relax and stay cool without worrying about constantly monitoring the water level.

IV. Ice Chamber for Enhanced Cooling

To enhance its cooling performance, the Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 features an ice chamber. By adding ice cubes or ice packs to the chamber, you can experience an even cooler and refreshing airflow. The ice helps to further lower the temperature of the air emitted by the cooler, providing instant relief from the heat. This feature is particularly useful during extremely hot weather conditions.

V. Dust Filter for Clean and Fresh Air

The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 is equipped with a dust filter that helps to trap dust particles and other impurities, ensuring that the air circulated is clean and fresh. The filter prevents dust from entering the cooler and accumulating on the cooling pads, thereby improving the overall efficiency and lifespan of the cooler. Enjoy cool and purified air with the Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22.

VI. Honeycomb Cooling Pad

Featuring a honeycomb cooling pad, the Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 optimizes the cooling process. The honeycomb structure maximizes the surface area for evaporation, allowing for efficient cooling. The pad retains water for a longer time, ensuring that the air passing through it is effectively cooled before being circulated into the room. This results in a consistent and comfortable cooling experience.

VII. User-Friendly Controls

The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 is designed with user-friendly controls, making it easy to operate and customize the cooling settings. The control panel typically includes options to adjust fan speed, control the swing function, and regulate the cooling level. The intuitive controls enable you to personalize your cooling experience according to your preferences and the prevailing weather conditions.

VIII. Portability and Mobility

The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 is equipped with castor wheels that provide easy mobility. This allows you to effortlessly move the cooler from one room to another, based on your cooling needs. The portability of the cooler ensures that you can enjoy its cooling benefits wherever you go within your home or office space.

IX. Energy Efficiency

The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 is designed to be energy-efficient, consuming minimal power while delivering optimal cooling performance. This not only helps in reducing energy consumption but also contributes to cost savings on electricity bills. You can enjoy the cool comfort provided by the cooler without worrying about excessive energy usage.

X. Quiet Operation

The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 operates quietly, ensuring that it doesn’t disturb your activities or sleep. The noiseless operation allows you to work, relax, or sleep without any distractions. The peaceful and cool environment created by the cooler enhances your overall comfort and well-being.


The Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22 is a compact and powerful personal cooler that offers exceptional cooling performance and convenience. With its powerful air throw, high tank capacity, ice chamber, dust filter, and user-friendly controls, this cooler provides a comfortable and refreshing environment even during the hottest days. Its portability and energy efficiency further add to its appeal. Experience enhanced comfort and beat the heat with the Usha Cool Boy Dlx 22, your reliable cooling companion.

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