Vanitham Super Market

Vanitham Super Market: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs for Financial Independence


Vanitham Super Market is a women’s self-employment project initiated by Centreal Bazaar, a prominent supermarket chain in Kerala, and CFCICI, a multi-cooperative society. The project aims to empower women by providing them with the opportunity to become income generators and support their families financially. Through Vanitham, aspiring women entrepreneurs are identified, provided with financial support through loans, offered training programs, and given the opportunity to sell their products through Centreal Bazaar outlets. This article will delve into the details of Vanitham Super Market, highlighting its objectives, support programs, and the benefits it offers to women entrepreneurs. Let’s explore this empowering initiative.

About Vanitham:
a. Partnership: Vanitham Super Market is a joint initiative of Centreal Bazaar and CFCICI. Centreal Bazaar is a rapidly growing retail super/hypermarket chain in Kerala, operating over 65 supermarkets across India. CFCICI, the Central Financial Credit And Investment Co-Operative (India) Ltd., is a registered Multi-State Credit Co-operative Society providing financial assistance and support.

b. Objective: The primary objective of Vanitham Super Market is to develop women entrepreneurs and enable them to become financially independent. It aims to support women in starting their own supermarkets by providing comprehensive backend support, expert consultation, and financial assistance if required.

Women Entrepreneurship Program:
a. Eligibility and Registration: The Women Entrepreneurship Program under Vanitham Super Market welcomes women who are not currently engaged in income-generating activities and those who aspire to start their own business. Interested individuals can register for the program by contacting the designated email address provided.

b. Backend Support: Vanitham Super Market offers complete backend support to women entrepreneurs. This includes guidance, technical support, and training in stocking and distribution to ensure the smooth functioning of their supermarkets.

c. Financial Assistance: CFCICI extends its support to women entrepreneurs who require financial assistance. They provide loan facilities to start supermarkets and provisional overdraft facilities for storing stocks. This financial support aims to remove barriers and create opportunities for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Empowering Women through Self-Employment:
a. Financial Security: Vanitham Super Market envisions helping women achieve financial security by guaranteeing higher incomes and uplifting them into the mainstream of society. Through their own supermarkets, women entrepreneurs can generate steady income streams and support their families.

b. Entrepreneurial Growth: By becoming part of Vanitham Super Market, women entrepreneurs gain valuable entrepreneurial skills and experience. They have the opportunity to learn business management, customer service, inventory management, and other essential aspects of running a successful supermarket.

c. Economic Empowerment: The project aims to empower women economically by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and entrepreneurial abilities. It encourages self-reliance and the ability to make independent business decisions.

Benefits of Vanitham Super Market:
a. Training and Guidance: Women entrepreneurs enrolled in Vanitham Super Market receive training and guidance to enhance their business skills. They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to effectively manage their supermarkets.

b. Brand Association: The supermarkets started by women entrepreneurs operate under the name “Vanitham Centreal Supermarket.” This brand association enhances the credibility and visibility of their businesses, attracting customers and ensuring a steady flow of sales.

c. Market Reach: One of the key advantages of Vanitham Super Market is its association with Centreal Bazaar. This enables women entrepreneurs to tap into the extensive network of over 65 supermarkets, reaching a wide customer base and maximizing their sales potential.

d. Financial Support: CFCICI provides women entrepreneurs with the necessary financial support through loan facilities and provisional overdraft facilities. This ensures that aspiring entrepreneurs have access to the capital required to establish and operate their supermarkets successfully.


Vanitham Super Market is a commendable initiative aimed at empowering women and promoting their financial independence. By providing the necessary support, guidance, and financial assistance, the project enables women entrepreneurs to establish their own supermarkets and thrive in the business world. With the combined efforts of Centreal Bazaar and CFCICI, Vanitham Super Market plays a pivotal role in promoting women entrepreneurship and creating a conducive environment for their success. Through this program, women can break free from traditional roles, become leaders in their communities, and contribute significantly to the economy. Vanitham Super Market stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for aspiring women entrepreneurs in Kerala and beyond.

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